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We hope to provide you with an exceptional experience that will certainly appease & complement your taste. We are an authentic Indian catering service where food is prepared by our professional chefs who have been delivering top quality food and serving food lovers with passion for years!

It's perfect in every aspect. The cuisine was excellent. The staff was extremely friendly and helpful. Both the food and the service were outstanding.

The food was fantastic! The service was outstanding, and the personnel was extremely helpful and nice.

The cuisine for your occasion was excellent; all of the food was beautifully presented and delicious. The service was courteous, prompt, and helpful.

Why Our Catering Service

Our Ganapathi Catering Service is a modest, self-contained catering business in UK. We offer a wide selection of delicious, elegant, courteous, and professional catering services to private and business clients. We have a highly skilled team of specialists who are dedicated to providing an orderly service within the time frame allotted. Whether you're planning a cocktail party for a corporate or charity event, a small intimate dinner party at home, or a full-scale wedding reception, our catering service can help.


We are a delicious brand that provides specialised Food Catering services. Our meals are cooked to perfection. Customers commended the food's flavour, nutritional content, and price.

Quality Food Items

We make sure that the food we provide is nutritious as well as tasty.

Professional Chefs

The most important component of any celebration or gathering is the cuisine, and you may have delicious meals essentially by hiring an experienced chef.


The most of suppliers offer cooking options that can be customised to fit your budget.


We are committed to providing high quality catering services to our customers.

Delivery On Time

The timely delivery of ordered food is one of the most critical parts of a Caterer-Customer relationship.

Event Planning

Our specialised catering service is here to help you make your event a success, no matter what the occasion.

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Non Veg Starter

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